How to choose artwork for a home office

Whether it’s for remote work, a side hustle, or semi-pro gaming, having a home
office is a great way to create a space where you can focus and get things done. Did you know that having the right wall art in your home office can increase productivity and inspire awesome ideas and creativity? Not only will your space look better, but you’ll feel better working in it!

You may be set up in a small corner in your living room or you might even have an entire room for a study. Either way, the right art can soothe, excite, or elevate any space. We’ve put together an edit to help you choose the best wall art for your home office to make it your new favourite spot.

Colours to inspire energy
Let’s face it, it can be difficult to remain energised and inspired while working,
no matter what your job may be. Did you know that incorporating the right colours in the artworks you decorate the space with can help keep your energy levels up?

The colour red is known for boosting energy and can help create a stimulating
environment. And interestingly, pink hues also have an energising effect on the viewer too so our Do It, Don't Quit print and our motivational Make it Happen Today print are both the perfect combination.

Typographic wall art prints to keep you motivated 
There’s no denying that hitting roadblocks as you work can be a real thing. What better way to inspire you to keep going than with a motivational piece of typographic wall art? Whether it’s a quote or saying that lights your soul on fire or that represents something meaningful to you, typographic wall art is a great and immediate way to give you that little boost you need to smash the rest of your to-do list.

Even better, you can create a gallery wall with several of your favourite (or even
personalised) wall art pieces. Creating a gallery gives you room to be creative and to set your space up exactly how you want it. 

Landscape art to create calm
Art has the ability to stir up all kinds of emotions, including those of calm and
relaxation. Artworks that focus on a landscape scene are known to create a sense of calm and tranquillity. If a relaxed and laid-back vibe is what you’re aiming for in your home office, opt for landscape art prints that make use of subtle, cooler colours. The right landscape can transport you to a new world where anything is possible. Our National Park Print collection is designed to not only celebrate the most beautiful places in the UK, but also to transport you there to the wonderful and inspiring outdoors.

Regardless of the type of space where you’re setting up a home office, there is a
style of artwork that suits every area. Make sure that you give some thought to the kind of atmosphere you want to create and which benefits your way of working more. Whether it be motivational and kick ass or more calm and tranquil, this will make your artwork choosing decision a lot easier.

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