Unlike fancy crockery or champagne flutes – which, let's face it, only get dusted off and used once a year, if that – an art print is something a couple can hang in their home and enjoy every day, which makes it the perfect wedding gift! Whether you choose something simple like one of our typographic prints or a personalised print designed specially for the happy couple, giving the gift of art makes you the best wedding guest for sure!

So, how do you choose the right wall art to gift the two lovebirds? Here are our top tips for getting it right!
How well do you know the couple?

The type of wall art you choose to gift the married pair will depend largely on how well you know them. If you’re so close to the couple that you know their favourite song or even their first dance song before the wedding, then why not go for our super cool Record Player Personalised Print.

gain if you know the couple well and know their style you may want to opt for a print that has a stronger design to it, such as our bestselling Matchbox Print or our Mason Jar print. If you know the couple extremely well and even know a favourite set of lyrics or poem that would mean a lot to them both then opt for our super personalised Love Letter Print.

If you have visited the home that the couple will be living in when they’re married,
you’ll also have an idea as to the kind of décor they prefer, meaning you can have a personalised print made in the right colour scheme, like our Skywriter Personalised
Print, where you get to choose your preferred colourway.
Likewise, if you know the couple prefer a more minimalist colour scheme then why not go for our super bold Western Type Prints which you can mix and match to create a super bold, cool set.

What do you do if you don’t know them that well? 
Just because you don’t know the bride and groom very well doesn’t mean you can’t gift them something meaningful to celebrate their marriage. Personalised prints that display the couple’s initials side by side, for example, are the perfect way to give them something unique to their relationship.

You can gift the couple wall art that is unique to them even if you don’t know them
very well. For many of our wedding art prints, all you need is the couple's names and wedding location details and you can make a super unique gift or even using the date of the wedding as the main feature is a lovely and extremely personal way to gift a timeless gift.


To frame, or not to frame?
Again, this depends on how well you know the soon-to-be-wed couple and what their interiors look like. While a framed artwork is fantastic and can be easily hung and enjoyed, you may not want to frame the piece you choose if you don’t know their specific taste.

If your budget allows, we recommend framing the wall art you are giving as a
wedding gift. It’s just the best feeling being able to hang something right away.
Consider the fact that the couple will need to spend time and money on having the piece framed themselves, along with hoe busy people are after weddings, it's very nice to give them a gift which is ready to enjoy.

However, if you don’t know the couple well, it’s best to leave the wall art unframed so that they can choose the frame that they prefer.

Speaking of budgets, our Personalised Prints are available in various sizes so choose a smaller A3 size print, which still makes a perfect gift, and is a little bit more budget friendly too.

Giving the gift of wall art makes you the perfect wedding guest, even if you don’t
know the couple very well. It’s a meaningful and thoughtful way to honour the
newlywed pair and give them something for their home that reminds them of their
union. Shop our range of personalised prints to find the perfect wedding gift.