Our Endless Summer Postcard Set is here for all your summer correspondence needs! But that's not all! Here are 6 different ways that we currently use our own postcard set! Postcards aren't just for summer holidays, they're for life! Read on to see our 6 tips on how to use your postcards to style your home, be super useful or to make super gifts for buddies!

1. Frame up your favourite postcards to add smaller artwork to shelves around your house! Smaller A6 or 6"x4" frames are super easy to find and super inexpensive too, so you can create perfect little artworks for anywhere in your home!



2. Use one of our postcards as a birthday card! Perfect for any last minute (maybe, forgotten, eek) birthdays that sneak up on all of us! 


3. Frame up one of the postcards in another inexpensive frame to gift to a friend! Personally I love receiving art as a gift, and it's usually the main gift that Bobby and I buy for each other. Pro tip to make an artwork gift extra special - frame it! By gifting a ready framed piece of art it is ready to hang and enjoy straight away. Because, let's face it, none of us ever get round to doing it for ourselves, amirite??


4. Use as a bookmark in your current read! Our Lifeguard postcard is the current bookmark in our son's Thomas the Tank Engine anthology! Our postcards are made from 100% recycled 320gsm stock (for non paper nerds, that is a very sturdy weighted stock!) so they make a perfect bookmark and don't end up super raggedy like other, thinner book marks I tend to use.

5. Fill smaller spaces and gaps in your gallery walls. Creating gallery walls is one of life's joys, but it's always tricky, no matter how much you plan the space. So fill any edges or smaller spaces with our A6 postcards! We also think that the best gallery walls have smaller and larger artworks to them, as well as lots of colour so our Endless Summer Postcards are the best addition to suit anyone's design!

6. Use them as postcards! They may be multifunctional but take it back to the OG use and send your friends and family some summer love, no matter what time of the year it is! Everyone could do with an extra bit of love at the minute and who doesn't love to get post, right?!