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We’re thrilled to unveil our mini collection designed in collaboration with the inimitable Telegramme Paper Co. To celebrate this new partnership as part of our Joanie Gallery series, our Brand Director, Lucy interviews the husband and wife duo behind the brand, Bobby and Kate.

Our latest collaboration in our Joanie Gallery series is the wonderful Telegramme Paper Co. With a joint love of vintage, mid-century Americana style, Telegramme Paper Co. was founded by husband and wife team, Bobby and Kate Evans in 2014. Now based out of their studio by the sea in Margate, they apply their unique illustration style to original art prints and personalised prints. We adore their use of colour and retro typography styles and have chosen some of their best-loved designs to create this mini collection.

Our Brand Director, Lucy had a chat with Bobby and Kate for a little more insight into Telegramme Paper Co., the work they create and their love of vintage-inspired style.


“Hi guys, tell us a little about yourselves - your set-up, your life. Where are you today? Set the scene for our readers.”

Today we’re in our home in Margate. We just got in from dropping our son at nursery and having our morning walk along the coast, which helps us blow out the cobwebs and chat about what we’re going to be working on each day. It’s a perfect autumnal, crisp and sunny day - our favourite!

“It must be so nice to be beside the seaside? Tell us a little about your hometown of Margate. What made you leave the big city for the coast?”

We moved to Margate from Crouch End in North London in 2016 when I (Kate) went full time with Bobby at Telegramme. We love London but wanted to buy our own place and Margate was suggested to us by an artist friend who had worked on a sculpture down here. We visited a few times and fell in love. It really is a one-of-a-kind place and we’ve met so many amazing friends in the last few years. We feel very lucky to have found a home here.

GARTH, AMIE, MARLEY TEESArt Excellent Slogan Tee, Amie More Amour Slogan Tee, Marley Everything Will Be Alright Slogan Tee

“You illustrate for lots of interesting brands and TV shows – what’s your dream brief?”

We've been lucky to land some pretty cool clients along our journey. From breweries to book covers and everything in between. It's always so exciting to see what might come in, and we are always flattered that brands would want us to do our thing for them. It’s our passion and we would be doing it anyways so it's awesome when people want to help you pay the bills too! We actually started out Telegramme by designing gig posters and, whilst we don’t get to do it that much anymore, our dream brief would probably still be a poster series for one of our favourite artists, like Bruce Springsteen or Dolly Parton.

“We love a good slogan too here at Joanie Clothing, we’re always hearing phrases and saying ‘put that on a top!’ What is it about words that inspires you?”

We met at uni as two super emo kids, so I think lyrics have always been a strong influence for us. Our bestselling Don’t Let The Bast**ds Get You Down print is from one of our favourite bands, The Get Up Kids and lyrics have inspired a few of our other prints too. We also adore typography, especially retro type, and always have an eye out to spot signs or old posters on our travels for inspiration. So using these influences and vintage styles to create bold type prints is a joy for us.

RONNI AND BUDDY JUMPERSRonni Twist & Shout Slogan Jumper, Buddy Rock ‘N’ Roll Slogan Jumper

“Your mid-century styling and Americana references are awesome, what is about the era that keeps you going back in time?”

We are obsessed with the design and style of 1950s America, in particular Palm Springs and L.A. It seemed like such an exciting era with such a positive vision of the future and all that was possible. The colours, the typography and the signage of that era is just perfection to us and we’re always finding new inspiration from that time.

“If you could travel back to one moment in time, one place - where/what would it be?”

The opening day of Disneyland in 1955. We have been watching The Imagineering Story on Disney+ about the creation of Disneyland and it’s just magical and so inspiring. The designers and prop makers back then were just incredible. It would be incredible to share the experience of seeing something so pioneering come to reality. Nothing had been seen like it before so the excitement of the crowd would have been amazing.

“A lot of your inspiration is drawn from travel, where’s next up on your list?”

We love travel and are very inspired by vintage travel posters. I think with not having been able to travel for a while we’re desperate to get away now! It’ll be our 40th birthdays in a couple of years so we’re planning on taking a few trips to our favourite place, New York as well as Palm Springs hopefully. I’m also desperate to get to Japan, but we may have to wait until the kids are a little older for that flight!

RONNI, GINGER, BUDDY JUMPERSRonni Twist & Shout Slogan Jumper, Ginger Let’s Dance Slogan Jumper, Buddy Rock ‘N’ Roll Slogan Jumper

“It seemed like a great idea to translate your work into clothing, why Joanie?”

Kate: I’ve worn Joanie Clothing for years. It was always such a unique place to find pieces that I could get truly excited about that nobody else was doing. I think our styles just fit so well together and seeing the designs come to life as pieces of clothing has been amazing - we’re so happy with the collection!

“If you could steal the wardrobe of one person - past or present - who would it be?”

Bobby: I’d choose Dickie Greenleaf (played by Jude Law) from The Talented Mr Ripley for my smart wardrobe and Matt Hooper (played by Richard Dreyfuss) from Jaws for my casual wardrobe - it’s harder than you think to find the perfect grey sweatshirt! Or maybe just Leon Bridges’ entire wardrobe as he always looks incredible.

Kate: My style changes day-to-day as sometimes I want to be super casual and tom-boyish and then other days I want frills and big collars. I think the ‘70s was the coolest time for style, so I’d love to steal the wardrobe of the cast of Dazed and Confused. If I’m having a more dressy/cute day I wouldn’t mind a look through Katy Perry’s wardrobe as she is always pure joy. For our sons, Woody and Emmett, we’d love the wardrobe of the kids from Stand By Me.

“Complete the phrase: ‘There’s nothing I/we love more than...’”

Drinking a margarita in a hot tub in the sun!